Rodent, Bees, & Mosquitoes


There are tons of different kinds of pests. Each and everyone of them has their own way of being exterminated.

Rodents are one of the most annoying and most common pests there are. All major cities have them, despite their efforts to keep the city clean. They can hide under the sewers and take over your home if you’re not careful. What’s worse is that they know how to climb and some even dig. If you have a ton of junk at home, they can easily turn this dark and cluttered space into their new home.

Another category of pests are bugs. While insects are generally their own type of pest, it’s not accurate to lump them all together. Dealing with termites is nothing like dealing with mosquitoes or ants. The dangers of each of them are completely different as well.

Mosquitoes cause less damage than termites but bring way more disease such as dengue and malaria. Some kinds of mosquitoes can even send you to the hospital. On top of that, they are extremely quick to breed. All they need is some murky and stagnant water to lay their eggs. It would take some intense fumigation to fully get rid of them. 

Chemicals used in fumigation can cause negative effects on pets and humans such as rashes and allergies. Normally, people need to be away for at least 24 hours after fumigation to prevent any lingering contaminants from being inhaled.

One bug that constantly plagues the residents of Olympia is bees. These guys, for some reason, love to just sneak in through chimneys and windows. In some cases, they may even build homes inside your chimney. Fortunately, these guys don’t go too far in the house. Rather, they go where sunlight is available.

Bees can be pretty dangerous, especially if you live near their hives. Some people are allergic to them, so their presence, even when not hostile, is a problem. They can sometimes sting your pets as well. What’s scary about them is that they are aggressive when they feel threatened. That’s made even worse if the entire colony is nearby to back them up.

A single sting from them can have you swelling and itching in no time. Certain kinds of bees can be even meaner  too.

Luckily, our team has the equipment needed to go near and get rid of them. We have complete body suits that prevent them from going in and stinging. Our team also has a variety of extermination methods for any and all kinds of pests in your home. Whatever you need, we can do it. Our methods are certified as well as effective. That means it only takes a few tries before we can completely eliminate the pests in your home.

If you’re not sure what kind of service you need, you can still give us a call if you suspect an infestation. Our team is dedicated to keeping the community safe, even if it means answering calls and queries by worried residents.

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