General Pest Control


Everyone knows about pest control, but not many are familiar with the specifics of it. In fact, pest control Olympia WA is a comprehensive process that varies per situation. There is no one kind of method that gets rid of all kinds of pets because they all act differently. For some, it requires more specific methods that cannot be applied to others.

This is why we always make sure to get an inspection before giving you a solution. We want to identify the problem first and the limitations of your area. If we find that you actually have other pest concerns, we will also let you know as it is part of our job.

What we offer are a variety of methods. All of them can be lumped together in the umbrella concept of general pest control. To better understand what we can do for you, it’s best to understand just exactly the different kinds of pest control methods.

Chemical Pest Control

Chemical pest control is considered the most popular and most widely asked method. This is often used for bugs since you can’t manually eliminate thousands of insects. This is especially true for infestations that have become so bad that it has taken over a property.

It includes the application of chemicals and sprays which kill and remove pests. It is most often used for bug care. It is an extremely effective method that will always get the desired results, which makes it so famous. This method is often used against insects. There are a variety of pesticides created for different kinds of pests as well, such as rodenticide and insecticide. How they are applied varies as well.

The first step to pest control Olympia WA is inspection. Insects and rodents are sneaky and can get into any space. They can hide under floorboards, in attices, and even within your stuff. That’s why we have our team of expert exterminators inspect every part of your home to find their nests. What makes them qualified is their extensive knowledge on pest behavior and building structure. That means they know exactly where these little guys love to hide. This is one perk you get from hiring a pest control expert.

They will check every part of your house for any signs of pests and act accordingly. If they see any holes that rats can get into, they will tell your giht away to patch up the whole. If there are bee hives in your chimney, they will also take care of it. They will analyze which section of your house and find the most fragile ones. Next, the appropriate pest control Olympia measures are taken.

For the next step, the isolation of the areas affected is started and termiticide is placed on and around the structure. A second inspection is conducted to see if anything has been repaired.

Fumigation is the standard for mosquitoes. The chemical compounds used for fumigation may have side effects on animals and humans. Normally, at least 24 hours after the fumigation procedure, you must be absent to prevent inhaling any lingering contaminants. When an outer area needs mosquito control, a tent is constructed around the area to ensure that the wind will not blow it off. Still even with this, people and pets are supposed to be away.

The chemicals used can be toxic when inhaled. It can result in itchiness, rashes, coughing, and difficulty in breathing. That’s why we try our best to make time for you to avoid an inconvenient schedule.

In addition to applying pesticide, pest control Olympia exterminators will rid the place of potential bests and breeding grounds. There are also small places where water or moisture accumulates. We will try to point them out and get rid of the eggs. Making suggestions on how to clean and pest-proof your home is also something that they do.

You have to note though that sometimes chemicals just drive them away rather than kill them. This is why sometimes a neighbor cna have pest control done, and all the pests end up migrating to the other houses in  the street. Some pests can even become immune to chemicals because of over exposure.

Despite using chemicals, we make sure that all the supplies and equipment used are safe for pest control. Even though we mentioned some side effects before, know that even certified pesticides are known to cause side effects. What we can guarantee you is that none of our equipment is illegal or unregistered. Everything comes from verified suppliers and manufacturers.

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Physical Pest Control

The other method that is also used is physical pest control. Although less popular than chemical control, it is still widely used across cities. There are just some pests that can’t be taken out with chemical pest control. Rodents and bed bugs in particular can’t be taken down by just chemicals. Though there are pesticides for them, it is also best accompanied with physical Olympia pest control removal.

Using natural processes, such as sun, humidity, and temperature is what physical removal is all about. It can include traps, barriers, networks and sealing passages and holes throughout your house.

For rodents, it can be a combination of physical and chemical pest control. You can limit their movement by closing passages and clearing out clutter that they may be using to hide in. Then, exterminators would strategically place traps where they know they will be passing. Lastly, they will take care of the last of them using rodenticide to catch the nests and baby rats.

In the case of bees, chemicals are just too aggressive and can only anger them. The job of the pest control expert in this case is to first identify what kind of bees you are dealing with. Depending on the type of bee, their danger level would vary.

Our team would then call our partnered beekeeper to help us out. These guys are well-trained in dealing with bee Olympia pest control removal. They carry with them a special bait that would lure them safely away from your residence. All this is done after we have done a thorough inspection of your home and the location of the infestation.

Some steps may vary depending on the circumstances, and the method of removal may differ also. Sometimes we would also recommend replacing the structure where the bees are making their hives. Replacing wood with another impenetrable material is a common occurrence. A bee repellant or spray is also available in some cases, but some bees may be too aggressive for that.

Either way, the job of getting rid of bees is not something just anyone can do. Both our team and the beekeepers have special suits that keep them from being stung. They also have certain equipment that would reduce the dangers of bees and the knowledge on different bee behavior to properly act.

Rodent management also relies on the removal of food and water sources and hence we also advise our clients on food storage and cleanliness. Our exterminators team captures them in cages and prepares them for elimination once traps are set up.

If you’re anxious about hurting or killing the rats, don’t be afraid, because our traps are not invasive and are not harmful to them at all. We want all life forms to be respected, so what we are doing is actually putting them in a little cage and bringing them somewhere far away from your home. Our exterminator Olympia WA will definitely respect your wish of preserving life.

You can rest easy knowing that all our methods are tried and tested. We back up our strategies with years of experience, knowledge, and training. In every project, we learn new things about the pests that can help us with our other clients. Aside from that, each and every person who works with knows a ton about the different pest control methods.

Their training and experience is what our clients love. Ask any one of our past or even current clients. All of them will tell you how reliable and effective we can be in general pest control. We always double check our work by having inspections after the extermination as well. In some cases, our team may even come back at a later date to certify if all the pests have really been taken care of.

We want you to consider us as your partners in safety and health. By that, we mean that you can ask us about anything related to pest control. Our team will gladly share their wisdom to help you avoid another infestation. All you need to do is give us a call. Our hotlines are always open for inquiries regarding price and such.

Lastly, we pride ourselves in offering competitive prices that are reasonable for those in any kind of social status. Whether rich or poor, we have a package that fits you. Also, don’t think that because the package is cheap that the quality is bad. We guarantee the same quality of customer service as well as the same results. Pests are always taken care of and eliminated in its entirety by our amazing exterminator Olympia WA crew.

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